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GMessenger now available for all Windows 10 users! Get only positive emotions from communication!


Try new GMessenger app! It is the most convenient way to communicate in Google Hangouts on your Windows device.
App allows you to send Hangouts messages, chat with friends in groups, share emoticons, stickers, pictures and photos. You get full synchronization of chats, live tiles with unread messages, background notifications and much more.
Get all the benefits of Hangouts with GMessenger!

GMessenger Features

  • Ability to send and receive Hangouts messages.
  • Full synchronization with chats from service and other Hangouts apps.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Favourite contacts. Synchronizing contacts with the app ‘People’. Search for contacts by phone number.
  • Creating and editing group chats. The ability to share a link to a group chat.
  • Send photos, images, emoticons, stickers, graffiti (Ink support).
  • Displaying progress of sending images.
  • Saving images when viewing. Autosaving images when receiving messages (configurable function).
  • Sharing the image from the page where it is viewed.
  • The ability to share content that was shared from other apps.
  • Sending a message to a recipient who is offline.
  • Saving the send queue in case of problems with sending messages.
  • Saving unsent messages. Cancel sending the message.
  • Support for Windows Hello to protect access to the application.
  • Live tiles with unread messages.
  • Background notifications (even if the app is closed). The ability to respond immediately from the notification.
  • On / Off the toast notifications sound.
  • Changing the sound of toast notifications (available only for Windows 10 Mobile).


2 Comments on “GMessenger now available for all Windows 10 users! Get only positive emotions from communication!

09/12/2016 at 00:51

Ican not find this app on microsoft store anymore!!!!hahah

09/12/2016 at 13:46

Hello, Milad. There are some problems in the store today. Our team is solving this issue with Microsoft, and soon the application will be available again. We apologize for the temporary difficulties. If you have additional questions, pleasee feel free to contact our suppot team: support@dct.ua


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